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   Millions of chickens and thousands of pigs died in North Car...
   See a satellite net collect space junk
   Wisconsin shooting leaves 4 people and suspect injured
   Captain Cook's ship may have been found off the US coast
   A surgeon and his girlfriend allegedly raped women. The DA f...
   These antique cars have Tesla batteries
   FEMA is still having to debunk rumors and hoaxes
   Airline misspells its own name on plane
   Before-and-after aerial photos show destruction
   Analysis: Did Trump just hedge on Brett Kavanaugh's future?
   Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts' killing enters plea
   Trouble with Woody Allen 'puff piece'
   Mark Judge, Kavanaugh's high school classmate, details high ...
   Sen. Grassley will offer to interview Kavanaugh's accuser in...
   Trump visits the Carolinas
   Justin Bieber's surprise serenade for fiancée and fans
   Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper released from prison
   Opinion: Expose Steve Bannon for what he is
   2 inmates drown in police van; officers rescued
   Graham: Requesting FBI investigation not about finding truth
   The GOP's older-voter problem
   Analysis: GOP senators and the White House say they're offer...
   Why world is watching Kavanaugh drama
   Senator to men: Shut up and step up
   Anita Hill speaks out on Ford's request for FBI investigatio...
   Crash that hit several pedestrians investigated as possible ...
   4 people get cancer from donor's organs
   Georgia district is ordered to redo primary election after v...
   See 'firenado' snatch firefighter's hose
   Mom defends son's bullying punishment
   Airport baggage handler goes viral
   Stormy Daniels shares explicit details of her alleged affair...
   Director Michael Moore erupts over Kavanaugh nomination
   Kavanaugh's 2015 joke resurfaces
   Cruz jokes: 'If Beto wins, BBQ will be illegal'
   One year later -- Puerto Rico still needs your help
   What the Emmys could not deliver
   Axelrod: McConnell's throne is on the line
   I know what Christine Blasey Ford is risking
   Coming home after Florence, this is what I found
   White House slashes refugee cap to new low
   Kavanaugh and the dark side of male solidarity
   Joe Biden reacts to Kavanaugh allegation, reviving memories ...
   Twitter stunned by islands of ants
   CNN commentator relates to Kavanaugh's accuser
   What will become of the 'Maria Generation'?
   These senators could make or break Kavanaugh's nomination
   Luxury hotel to open in an abandoned quarry
   Women are living longer - and some worry they'll run out of ...
   When we first met them, their lives were torn apart by a Cat...
   Walmart is where the trade war comes home
   Tiger Woods' probation ends early
   The FBI investigated Clarence Thomas. It took 3 days
   SpaceX will take a Japanese billionaire on a trip around the...
   Sony gets in on the retro console craze
   Rival: NFL coach has lost the locker room
   Investors start to worry about the economy
   Instagram just made it a lot easier to shop on the app
   How to invest in real estate without buying a home
   Golf champ found dead on Iowa course
   From Yankees MVP to complete disaster
   Forget your 401k if you own a home (Do This)
   Feds investigating Elon Musk claims
   Fans find MLB banner after it falls off truck
   Brother of woman who escaped from Border Patrol agent: It's ...
   An unbelievable card has 0% interest until 2020
   ACLU says Facebook allows employers to post discriminatory a...
   9 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
   $133+: Hiltons of Philly sale, free parking & extras

   Top EU official warns that there are huge hurdles for the UK...
   Somehow, Theresa May is still standing
   It's official -- a no-deal Brexit will make traveling a pain
   Girls transform 'floating slum' by learning to code
   Teen's app changes lives in her impoverished community
   Helping kids cross the globe for medical care
   May: No-deal Brexit wouldn't be end of world
   What they're saying about the trade war at China's 'Davos'
   One year later -- Puerto Rico still needs our help
   Merriam-Webster adds new words that'll make English teachers...
   Maduro dines on pricey 'Salt Bae' steaks as Venezuelans star...
   Goodbye, old iPhone: This could be 40X better
   Equinox Fast Facts
   China says it will never use its currency as a weapon in the...
   Bitcoin up 30,000X -- here's your backdoor in
   BMW will shutter Mini factory for month due to Brexit risks
   Alibaba is getting into the chipmaking business
   'It's going to be a mess' : Jack Ma warns trade war could la...
   $19.9 trillion idea hidden in plain sight

   Mark Judge, Kavanaugh's high school classmate, details high ...
   One year later -- Puerto Rico still needs our help
   White House slashes refugee cap to new low
   Joe Biden reacts to Kavanaugh allegation, reviving memories ...
   CNN commentator relates to Kavanaugh's accuser
   'The Maria Generation': Young people are dying and suffering...
   These senators could make or break Kavanaugh's nomination
   Fact check: Trump's false claim on PR deaths
   Women are living longer - and some worry they'll run out of ...
   Woman saves man trapped between train cars
   Vigil held for border patrol agent murder victims
   UCF football player accused of rape
   U.S. Navy Leap Frogs parachute into state fair
   TX superintendent: 'You can't count on a black QB'
   Snow removal app coming to Milwaukee
   Recent graduate holds sign on side of road asking for job
   Officer gets royal send off to Chicago
   Markeith Loyd describes night of shooting
   Man who bashed sign with crucifix ruled insane
   Man was on his boat when Florence hit
   Man accused of stealing nearly $900K from couple
   How to invest in real estate without buying a home
   Hero student helps bus driver during emergency
   Grateful and terrified -- this is life a year after Hurrican...
   Freeze-dried placenta pills potentially dangerous
   Daycare owner left kids tied to car seats for hours
   Bridge gets flowery makeover
   Beer shortage ahead of 'strong beer' law
   Beauty products may make skin sensitive

   Former launch officer warns Trump strategy fuels nuclear arm...
   Did Donald Trump just hedge on Brett Kavanaugh's future?
   Grassley focusing on making Kavanaugh accuser 'comfortable' ...
   Kavanaugh's accuser made her move -- now Republicans have to...
   How DOJ, FBI, and ODNI will go about releasing documents in ...
   President Trump heads to North Carolina to see damage from H...
   Mazie Hirono: Kavanaugh accuser is hesitating to testify bec...
   Why the hell hasn't Donald Trump just fired Jeff Sessions?
   The GOP's older voter problem
   Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying
   Trump says he wants to see Kavanaugh's accuser testify
   Republicans just made a giant gamble on Brett Kavanaugh
   6 possible Kavanaugh scenarios, including a Supreme Court va...
   Former classmate of Kavanaugh's denies being at party in sex...
   Trump Organization prepares for a fight if Democrats win
   Trump's most trusted national security adviser? Himself.
   Kavanaugh accuser's friend says she has told him she needs m...
   Hillary Clinton: Trump 'left unchecked' in midterms could do...
   Trump on Kavanaugh: 'This is not a man who deserves this'
   Mark Judge tells Senate he 'has no memory of alleged' incide...
   Cruz: 'if Beto wins, BBQ will be illegal'
   Kavanaugh hearing uncertain for Monday as accuser wants FBI ...
   5 big questions about the Kavanaugh hearing
   With Kavanaugh, McConnell's throne is on the line
   A Republican stronghold has become ground zero in 2018
   White House plan to defend Kavanaugh relies heavily on women
   Kellyanne Conway says Kavanaugh's accuser 'should not be ign...
   Wall Street Journal: White House considered replacing FEMA a...
   President Trump visits North Carolina after Florence

   Silicon Valley execs face Capitol Hill grilling
   Hyperloop for cargo aims to deliver at over 600 mph
   Daughter says vexed relationship with Steve Jobs is 'very mu...
   All the questions about 'Fortnite' you were too embarrassed ...
   'Fortnite' plans its own World Cup next year

   China strikes back by going after America's energy companies
   iPhone XS and XS Max review: Apple's latest are the best yet...
   Sony gets in on the retro console craze with PlayStation Cla...
   Executives on the front line worry about where the trade war...
   Walmart is where the trade war comes home
   European regulators are looking at how Amazon uses data
   Don't cut up your credit cards yet -- or sell MasterCard, Vi...
   Walmart wants to bring its 'everyday low prices' to health c...
   Amazon is now the third-biggest ad platform in the United St...
   Companies where tomorrow's graduates want to work
   Who needs the US? Alibaba will make its own computer chips
   Trade war fears; Danske Bank in trouble; Brexit talks
   China says it will never use its currency as a weapon in the...
   Reliable Sources: Kavanaugh questions; left and right reacti...
   Julie Chen officially leaves 'The Talk'
   United courts fliers with fewer lines
   The trade war is growing. Is it time for investors to worry?
   Wall Street pay is the highest since the financial crisis
   SeaWorld will pay $5 million to settle fraud probe
   Investors are starting to worry about the economy

   Man loses hands and feet after dog-related infection
   This library loans out ties and handbags so those with limit...
   Yogurts deceptively high in sugar, study finds
   Four people get cancer from donated organ in 'extraordinary ...
   Kavanaugh's accuser says he was drunk at the time. What stud...
   Low testosterone, or 'male menopause,' no longer just for ol...
   Backward leg allows young cancer survivor to dance
   E-cigarette warnings to arrive in high school bathrooms nati...
   Middle-aged drinkers more concerned about reputation than he...
   Air pollution linked to higher dementia risk, new study find...
   Eating junk food tied to higher risk of numerous cancers
   12 dead babies found stuffed in boxes and plastic bags in a ...
   Hurricane cleanup: How to stay safe when returning home
   Pig poop and coal ash a real concern for people in North Car...
   This is why people hesitate to report sexual misconduct
   Aspirin use in old age: Risks may outweigh benefits
   'The Maria Generation': Young people are dying and suffering...
   How to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence
   Household disinfectants could be making kids overweight
   Almost 1 in 11 students has vaped cannabis, report says
   Air pollution particles found in mothers' placentas
   More than 9,000 US children injured by infant walkers every ...
   FDA finds another impurity in recalled heart drug
   Food, supplements and a first triathlon
   Spanish town uses art to tackle ongoing mental health stigma...
   'Vampire facial' may have exposed clients to HIV in spa
   Where Australia stands on abortion
   After valsartan recall, study offers 'modest reassurance' on...
   Boy's head impaled by meat skewer after fall from treehouse
   Cancer will kill nearly 10 million people this year, report ...

   Do video games lead to violence?
   Ready for your golden years?
   Do you know what an IUD is? Many don't
   Tots inseparable at orphanage, then one got adopted
   Should dating apps have HIV filters?
   A four-day workweek could be hazardous to your health
   Prescription heroin gets green light in Canada
   15-year-old proposes hijabi emoji
   When your kids think you're always wrong
   Toxic chemicals are hiding in your house dust
   Will Trump's DC hotel survive his candidacy?
   An island's future tied to farming crops from the past
   Africa is firmly on the fashion map
   Setting limits for 'spoiled' kids
   Internet raises over $200k for popsicle man
   How sugar industry sweetened research in its favor
   The more alcohol ads kids see, the more alcohol they consume
   Raising a good person in a digital world
   Olympic swimmer takes on depression with help of Phelps, oth...
   Can forgotten rubella children of the '60s hold clue for Zik...
   When sex is bad for men, good for women
   Do you really stretch before a workout?
   'Starchy' enters race to be sixth taste
   Grass, pets, showers can cause fungal infections?
   Puppy's special chair saves his life
   How to deal with a defiant child
   Baby simulators not effective in preventing pregnancy, study...
   Stop the meltdowns!
   How Grindr got men to self-test for HIV
   The glory of barbecue

   'Downton Abbey' movie release date announced
   Jennifer Garner taking beauty tips from Reese Witherspoon is...
   Justin Bieber serenades fiancée in surprise London performa...
   Prince fans file petition seeking federal grand jury probe i...
   Tyra Banks: Lindsay Lohan will appear in 'Life-Size' sequel
   Jessica Simpson is expecting baby No. 3
   Gilda Radner sweetly remembered in 'Love, Gilda'
   Sesame Street says Bert and Ernie's relationship status is n...
   Victoria Beckham dancing to a Spice Girls song is a thing
   Emmys: What the voters got right (and wrong)
   Roseanne Barr says she knows fate of her character, but does...
   'Teddy Perkins' from 'Atlanta' at the Emmys confuses fans
   Why Jenifer Lewis wore Nike
   'Captain Marvel' debuts first trailer
   The best looks from Emmys the red carpet
   See the full list of Emmy winners
   'Game of Thrones' reclaims best drama crown
   Betty White's Emmy appearance was pure joy
   "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" had a marvelous night
   Glenn Weiss wins best Emmy moment with live proposal
   More diversity jokes than wins for people of color at the Em...
   Hollywood roasted in Emmy opener
   After Anthony Bourdain's death, 'Parts Unknown' enters uncha...
   'Mary Poppins Returns' is just as you remembered
   'Modern Family' is killing off a main character next season
   Sean Penn's 'The First' never achieves liftoff
   Shannon Purser comes out a winner in 'Sierra Burgess is a Lo...
   Trump and his media boosters live in a hall of mirrors
   MoviePass: 'Talk of our demise is greatly exaggerated'
   Former NBC producer who worked on Ronan Farrow's Harvey Wein...

   Huge spelling mistake on Cathay Pacific plane
   Going to Berlin? Here's where to stay
   How to design an airplane cabin
   World's most popular destination revealed
   Can Thailand's Phi Phi Islands be saved?
   Dirtiest place in the airport revealed
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   Travelers saved after emergency Facebook post
   The first truly American cuisine is having a revival
   A moon beach here on Earth
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   Huge airplane hidden in hangar
   Asia's most beautiful heritage hotels
   Aretha Franklin gets respect from the NYC subway
   Legendary Aussie airplane brought back to life
   America's best urban national parks
   Disneyland sells booze to public for first time
   The mud volcano capital of the world
   The world's best luxury hotel brands
   Bolivian chefs are trading colonial cuisine for national pri...
   Huge spelling mistake on Cathay Pacific plane
   Free admission to nearly 1,500 US museums
   Captain Cook's ship Endeavour may have been found off the US...
   After months-long volcanic eruptions, Hawaii park is set to ...

   NBA Mock Draft: Another change at the top
   World Cup analysis: Costa Rica-England
   Report: Heat forward LeBron James to opt out of deal, become...
   Uruguay eliminates Italy; Did Suarez bite again?
   O's Davis walks off White Sox with pinch-hit HR
   Report: Bulls offer Gibson, Snell, picks for Love
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   Mexico beats Cameroon, advances to knockout round
   What to expect from U.S. against Germany
   MLB Power Rankings: Terrible week for Rockies