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   GOP congressman said blacks have 'entitlement mentality'
   Israel launches 'wide-scale attack' against Hamas targets in...
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   Video shows moments before boat sinks
   There are two Americas. Sometimes in the same state.
   Cohen sends message to Trump, sources say
   Video raises questions about high court nominee's view on Mu...
   A transgender woman says a pharmacist refused to fill her ho...
   The myth of the sunscreen pill
   Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans
   The most remote places on Earth
   Foodborne illness may be on the rise. Here's why
   How Khizr Khan's American dream led him to battle with Trump
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   Top FBI cyber officials set to retire
   The story behind those 'waving cats'
   Comedian: Please. Call us sluts
   Jake Tapper: What the hell is going on?
   Photojournalism's long overdue #MeToo moment
   Non-dairy beverages may not be 'milk'
   US should wonder: has the Great Experiment failed?
   Trapeze artist falls to ground on TV
   Incredible: Trump fell for Putin's nutty idea
   Video of Obama's dance moves goes viral
   'Mamma Mia' sequel will have you singing 'Fernando'
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   Is Sacha Baron Cohen still funny?
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   What Trump-Putin photos really reveal
   Comic-Con kicks off amid fandom's ugly side
   Bruce Springsteen is coming to Netflix
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   How to disrupt status quo
   A transgender woman was asked for her ID to use a restaurant...
   To be herself, she needs to change her body. But first, come...
   Looking to buy your first home? Good luck with that
   Karen McDougal: I knew Trump was married
   Volunteering offers tourists a feel-good vacation
   Umpires suspended for a crazy call
   Tiger is in contention at British Open
   This company tried a 4-day work week. It was a hit
   Randi Zuckerberg responds to her brother's comments
   Paramount TV president Amy Powell fired over alleged inappro...
   North Korea's economy tanked last year
   NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony reportedly traded
   McDonald's to give away fries for the rest of 2018
   Japanese Billionaire's prediction will give you goosebumps
   Forget your 401k if you own a home (do this)
   Forget your 401k if you own a home (Do This)
   A Fox News host is leaving the network to hit the campaign t...
   5 cards charging 0% interest until 2020

   Why would Trump invite Putin back for more?
   See intel chief stunned by Putin invite
   Trump is inviting Putin to Washington
   Opinion: Congress needs to do more than huff and puff
   Reversals deepen questions about Trump and Putin's meeting
   Jake Tapper: What the hell is going on?
   She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans
   The quiet real estate boom unfolding across Europe
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   World War I Fast Facts
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   A New Zealand company tried a four-day work week. It was a '...
   $19.9 trillion idea hidden in plain sight

   Inside HHS: Working around the clock to reunite families
   How Khizr Khan's American dream led him to battle with Trump
   Interior Secretary Zinke kept some meetings off public calen...
   Trump's policies were supposed to make the border safer. The...
   Top FBI cyber officials set to retire
   Trump admin. says 1,606 parents are possibly eligible for re...
   Kavanaugh's poll numbers aren't good. Will it matter?
   Cornyn on Senate immigration bill: 'I think it's dead'
   6-year-old in ProPublica audio reunited with mom
   Looking to buy your first home? Good luck with that
   Young lawn-mowing entrepreneur has big plans for future
   Woman struck by lightning identified
   Woman reunited with late father's truck
   Watch veteran reunite with his missing service dog
   Waitress body-slams customer after he groped her
   Six nurses in same hospital unit are expecting
   Rescue after boat crash in alligator-infested lake
   Piece calls people with tattoos trashy, locals rally
   PD: Girl found asleep with loaded gun on chest
   NYC mailman shares wisdom before retirement
   Mom charged in death of 2-year-old
   Man dies from infection after eating oyster
   Man arrested after calling to see if he had warrant
   Family loses son after heat exhaustion
   Family arrested, allowed teen to starve, live in barn
   Entrepreneurs pitch ideas, with real money, investors
   Designer creates wedding dress worth millions
   Couple delivers baby in Chick-fil-A bathroom
   Annual sand sculpting festival on Revere Beach

   GOP congressman said blacks have 'entitlement mentality' and...
   Republicans confirm Charlotte for site of 2020 convention
   Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment to ex-Playboy model
   The Michael Cohen tapes story is just getting started
   CIA watchdog withdraws nomination after allegations of retal...
   US releases $200 million in defensive aid to Ukraine as Mosc...
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   How Mark Sanford met Maria Butina
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   Trump team worries: Could Helsinki disaster strengthen Muell...
   Eyes on Dan Coats' future after comments on Trump-Putin meet...
   The Point: A Republican politician just concluded that 'Trum...
   Pennsylvania Army depot employee dies after explosion and fi...
   There are absolutely two Americas. Sometimes in the same sta...
   Kavanaugh said Congress should investigate a president, rais...
   Moscow 'open' to Putin visiting Trump in Washington, Russian...
   Mattis and Dunford call for classified nuclear changes
   Putin invite sends Washington into Russian twilight zone
   Zinke kept some meetings off public calendar
   The Russian accused of using sex, lies and guns to infiltrat...
   Trump's advocate in Congress reflects on last day in the Whi...
   Pompeo: Russia 'will try to undermine Western democracy' in ...
   Why on earth would Trump invite Putin back for more? Here ar...
   White House: Discussions 'underway' for Putin to visit Washi...
   US spy chief says he doesn't know what happened in Trump-Put...
   Reversals and clean-up deepen questions about Trump and Puti...
   Ex-DNI confirms Trump was briefed on Putin's involvement in ...
   Trump and Putin morph into the same person in TIME magazine ...
   Trump escalates his war with the Fed

   New lifesaving drone rescues swimmers
   Mihir Garimella is making drones that go where humans can't
   Hyperloop for cargo aims to deliver at over 600 mph
   How a company founded by ex-spies uses AI to fight hackers
   All the questions about 'Fortnite' you were too embarrassed ...
   'Fortnite' plans its own World Cup next year

   The classic car industry could be hurt by tariffs, too
   Trump escalates his war with the Fed
   Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle leaving the network to hit camp...
   Experimental treatment uses modified stem cells to fight can...
   Avis CEO says rental car biz is alive and well
   3 reasons you're not making more money at work
   Samsung or Xiaomi? It's a two-horse race for India's smartph...
   A transatlantic trade war is brewing. Can it be stopped?
   WhatsApp is adding new restrictions as killings continue in ...
   Tech analyst: We want people to see the real Elon Musk
   Power outage at GE
   Merck pledges to cut prices for seven drugs
   Amy Powell fired as president of Paramount Television
   Trump vs. the Fed; GE earnings; Skechers slump
   North Korea's economy just had its worst year in two decades
   Exclusive: Randi Zuckerberg responds to her brother's Holoca...
   Rupert Murdoch's summer of good fortune
   FCC calls out 'lack of candor' in Sinclair-Tribune deal
   Microsoft's cloud bet pushes annual sales over $100 billion
   Uber loses another top executive

   An entire medical school class will get free tuition after d...
   A trans woman says a pharmacist refused to fill her hormone ...
   These foods linked to ongoing outbreaks might make you sick
   A boy dies after he's left in a day care bus for more than t...
   The myth of the sunscreen pill
   Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans
   Foodborne illness may be on the rise, here's why
   More people sickened by parasite in outbreak linked to McDon...
   Baltimore bans sugary drinks from kids' menus
   She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans
   Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water?
   Non-dairy beverages like soy and almond milk may not be 'mil...
   Salmonella outbreak in 26 states tied to raw turkey
   UNC coach under fire over his remarks on football's link to ...
   California keeps close eye on whooping cough after infant's ...
   Valsartan drug recall: 4 things patients should know
   Spider bite led to leg being amputated, woman says
   Having 5 or more babies may increase Alzheimer's risk, study...
   Having a working mom has benefits for kids later in life, st...
   EPA rolls back Obama-era coal ash regulations
   Winds lift beach umbrella, launching it through a tourist's ...
   Lebanon preparing to legalize growing cannabis, says House s...
   The latest class on the Indian curriculum: Happiness
   Woman's tingling legs turned out to be parasite in her back
   Grocery chain recalls pasta salad over salmonella risk after...
   An earlier dinner may lower your risk of some cancers
   Remains of bread baked 14,400 years ago found in Jordan
   Liver cancer death rate in US surged 43% in 16 years
   Indian state takes a step forward for transgender rights
   McDonald's pulls salads from 3,000 restaurants after parasit...

   Do video games lead to violence?
   Ready for your golden years?
   Do you know what an IUD is? Many don't
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   Will Trump's DC hotel survive his candidacy?
   An island's future tied to farming crops from the past
   Africa is firmly on the fashion map
   Setting limits for 'spoiled' kids
   Internet raises over $200k for popsicle man
   How sugar industry sweetened research in its favor
   The more alcohol ads kids see, the more alcohol they consume
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   When sex is bad for men, good for women
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   Grass, pets, showers can cause fungal infections?
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   How to deal with a defiant child
   Baby simulators not effective in preventing pregnancy, study...
   Stop the meltdowns!
   How Grindr got men to self-test for HIV
   The glory of barbecue

   Here's the story of two famous TV houses
   Jinger Duggar welcomes baby girl
   Four ways President Trump is changing prime time TV
   Denzel Washington picks off familiar targets in 'Equalizer 2...
   Aaron Paul's daughter in a mini hazmat suit is ridiculously ...
   Celebrities audition for 'Batgirl'
   Adrian Cronauer, disc jockey who inspired Robin Williams' ro...
   It's a summer of love over on Netflix
   Harvey Weinstein files motion to dismiss Ashley Judd suit
   Jennifer Lopez's 'Second Act'
   Disney's battle plan? Just look around Comic-Con
   'Mamma Mia' sequel will have you singing 'Fernando'
   Robin Williams remembered in poignant HBO doc
   Is Sacha Baron Cohen still funny?
   Comic-Con kicks off amid period showing off fandom's ugly si...
   Bruce Springsteen is coming to a screen near you
   Drake meets his hit's viral dance creator
   'Batwoman' TV series in the works with first lesbian superhe...
   'America's Got Talent' contestant plunges to ground before a...
   Here we go again with the BeyoncĂ© baby rumors
   Michelle Williams reveals she sought help for mental health ...
   'Boy Erased' trailer previews film about gay conversion ther...
   Paul Walker documentary to premiere next month
   Kim Kardashian defends Kylie Jenner being called 'self-made'
   'Hotel Transylvania 3' risks overstaying its welcome
   'Skyscraper' stands tall on Rock-solid foundation
   'Whitney' brings heavy hand to Whitney Houston's troubled li...
   PACIFIC: The CNNMoney newsletter about the center of change ...
   Russell Crowe to star as Fox News' Roger Ailes in Showtime m...
   Disney wins antitrust approval to purchase most of Fox

   Mediterranean island where love was born
   Inside India's first 'extreme adventure zone'
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   Spanish island bans walking around topless
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   London eateries with bird's-eye views
   Insider Guide: Best of Venice
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   Airbus completes first test flight of Beluga XL 'flying whal...
   22 of the best places to visit in the US

   NBA Mock Draft: Another change at the top
   World Cup analysis: Costa Rica-England
   Report: Heat forward LeBron James to opt out of deal, become...
   Uruguay eliminates Italy; Did Suarez bite again?
   O's Davis walks off White Sox with pinch-hit HR
   Report: Bulls offer Gibson, Snell, picks for Love
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   Mexico beats Cameroon, advances to knockout round
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